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Big Data transformed into knowledge for better ecosystems and better decision making in the new landscape of the Intellectual Revolution.

New digital contender

DS99 is a start-up company with the aim of revolutionizing the way in which physical commodity trading is conducted via our proprietary management and analytics platform. Our team is highly experienced with over 30 years of combined experience in all of the key components of this enterprise, including data, analytics and software development, oil and commodities trading, as well as sales & operations.

  • DS99 believes that commodity trading is reasonably efficient, but participant behavior creates disconnections between processes and fundamentals that can be exploited through our scientific approach.
  • DS99 has mapped the commodity trading value chain and has identified players and processes not visible to many, revealing the disconnections
  • DS99’s visibility and understanding creates knowledge that can be transformed into practical insights for making decisions in the allocation of capital and management of the process.
  • DS99’s approach identifies and targets opportunities on two main fields of commodity trading: financing and trade execution.
  • DS99 Trade Financing – DSTF applies investment algorithms for the allocation of capital in structured commodity-backed transactions, along the commodity trading value chain.
  • DS99 Trade Services – DSTS brings together all processes and participants across the commodity trading value chain, for a more trustworthy, efficient, and stable supply chain ecosystem.
  • DS99 aims to capitalize on its unique perspective by creating revenue streams in a mature industry with above the average returns.


Benefiting from the disconnections or blind spots of the commodity trading business.

Lack of transparency, lack of knowledge, and lack of automation creates a difficult path to commodity trading that translates into poor liquidity and high costs.

DSTF – Simplifying investment in commodity trading

DS Trade Financing product (DSTF) applies investment algorithms for the allocation of capital in structured commodity-backed transactions, along the commodity trading value chain.

  • DS99 algorithms unlock the deal insights of physical commodity trading providing comprehensive understanding and visibility in a complex industry.
  • DSTF strategy is to serves first mile commodity gatherers that have access to direct origination, but does not have access to competitive financing.
  • DSTF targets the liquidity gap of commodity-gathering companies that has established business with attractive returns, conservative collateralization, and short average transaction cycles.


DSTS is a solution that brings together all processes and participants across the commodity trading value chain, for a more trustworthy, efficient, and stable supply chain ecosystem.

  • DSTS is designed to provide visibility and understanding at all levels of the commodity trading process, from deal conception to settlement and payments.
  • Knowledge Solution: A database architecture where all participants in a transaction work in coordination to reach consensus on the shared data. This collaboration runs on blocks of cryptographically marked data for perpetual and immutable records (Blockchain), and creates an organized and secured environment to negotiate and execute commodity transactions on a real-time basis (Smart Contracts).
  • Analyitcs Solution: The quantitative and qualitative process of collecting data to extract valuable information that can be organize and categorize to create patterns and correlations to enable more efficient operational decision making. Data analytics is based on Machine Learning algorithms that use independent variables to train it self for all possible outcomes and make accurate business decision.


DS99 Trade Financing - DSTF


DS99 Trade Services - DSTS



The oil and gas trading business is valued on the trillions of dollars per year and continues to be a major global business, exclusively financed by the banking industry and large financial institutions, and primarily managed by large commodity trading firms.

Accessing this market and leveraging healthy returns on investment has historically been limited to these organizations and has been a barrier to market for non-traditional, smaller investors to maximize short term returns on investment. Trade finance, although one of the oldest financing services, has structural limitations as it lacks visibility and understanding of the value chain.

The oil and gas trade finance gap is considered to be over the trillion dollars per year, and opportunities are expanding into other related services of the industry. Commodity trading is attractive as it is easily valued with large and liquid markets and served by an array of hedging and insurance alternatives to mitigate risk.


DS99’s comes as the combination of its partners experience and their innovative role in building a different kind of leadership. DS99 focuses on three main areas of development and management to carry out the company’s value proposition:

Knowledge: Is the idea generator to understand the existing opportunities in relationship with future trends and exponential growth.

Creation: Is Knowledge experience put in practice to create feasible tools for real analytics and execution processes.

Execution: Is creation in practice as it implements the system to work in real life opportunities and monetize the constant learning and innovation systems.


Carlos A. Sanmiguel

Founder / Head of Knowledge
Over 18 years of experience in business development and innovation in the areas of commodity trading and data management, with entrepreneur experience in different regions that have brought measurable results in terms of value creation and exist strategies.

Emery Conrad

Co-Founder / Head of Creation
Over 20 years of experience in academic, technical, and managerial initiatives in the areas of mathematics, algorithms, and high frequency trading. Most recently he has lead the creation and development of one of the most advance platforms for trading electronic assets.

Ivan Astralaga

Co-Founder / Head of Execution
Over 20 years of experience in creating business opportunities within large corporations and small entrepreneur processes. His leadership skills helped developing commercial grounds for new products and markets in North and South America.


Houston - Texas


Scientific approach to commodity trading
Smart allocation of commodity trading resources
Accountable and reliable commodity trading system