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DS99 integrated environment is focused on the lack of reliable information, data interaction, analytical thinking, real time information, secure transaction systems, expensive financing, reliable counterparts, and must important, trust.

DS99 is an IoT Management and Analytical company, with more that 16 years of experience in collection, analytics an delivery of content, that works on the development of a leading system that collects and analyze massive amounts of data from the Oil & Gas industry to provide contextualize information about: volumes and qualities produced, gathering points, in-line flows and inventories, storage through puts and inventories, in transit commodities and demand requirements, for real time assessment.

Industry Focus


Today the O&G industry is an over supply market with low commodity prices, undermining the way industry players generate value to its shareholders, workers, investors, and the community in general.

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Solution Oriented


Transforming data into decisions that can improve performance, reduce cost, create new valuable products and services and deliver wellness to the industry, requires a new mindset.


Opportunity to automate wells across vast regions and monitor multiple pieces of equipment per well. Information is crucial to follow the integrity of the production and the safety of the ecosystem.


Information can follow real time drilling operation and with that, calculate the use of equipment in terms of efficiency and wastage. This data is essential for recalculating activities or redirect operation in more efficient ways.


Micro-seismic and 4D data for real time development is key to understand changes on reservoir structures and the mapping of the reserves as live systems that are in continuous transformation.

Smart Infrastructure

Aging infrastructure need to improve reliability, innovation and complex monitoring services to maintain the healthy safety and economic standards.

Shipping & Monitoring Services

Sensitive and smarter operations allow better scheduling for improved gathering and delivering times. Improved timing increases capacity and functionality and clients have better market forecasting.

Market Knowledge

More accurate and sensitive information means better knowledge of the market that can be transform into additional streams of revenue in the fields of marketing and trading.

Value Chain Visibility

Processing companies can have a better understanding of the supply chain and create digital market places to optimize costs, delivery time, and customer and technical support.

Clients Interaction

Being at the end of the value chain, interaction with final users become difficult as the business move form B2B to B2C. The greater number of relationships is an opportunity to market insights and new products and services developments.

Retail Capacities

Customer interaction can create additional digital market places for the end user, direct selling and delivering can transfer in to better prices and more market share.