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DS99 analyzes large amounts of transactional data to anticipate the behavior of future transactions, and identifies the variables that create patterns and cause changes

DS99’s proactive data approach creates transactional networks that connect business participants in a more trusted and efficient ecosystem

DS99 networks run over distributed ledger technologies (blockchain), and shift the uncertainty of trust and performance from stakeholders to the platform

DS99’s solution guarantees the integrity of data, provides trust in key industries, and facilitates the flow of resources to originate more deals and reach more customers


DS99 targets the oil and gas trading value chain, where the integrity of data and trust in the participants is paramount in the process and settlement procedures

DS99’s trading solutions, focuses on solving trade finance gaps and the executional challenges of physical origination and execution

DS99’s trade finance solution – DSTF, applies algorithms for the allocation of capital in structured commodity-backed transactions

DS99’s trade services solution – DSTS, weighs the efficiency of logistic during the origination and execution process and provides analytics for a more comprehensive transaction


DSTF / Trade Finance Institutions

DSTF’s deal origination: Combines basic and predictive analytics over distributed ledgers to create a proactive approach on the deal’s risks and opportunities

DSTF’s deal Due Diligence: Proactive analytics follow the set of rules and procedures of the distributed ledgers technologies, and eliminate human bias and errors in the process of vetting a deal opportunity

DSTF’s deal Opportunity: Assurance of the true potential of the deal, increase the possibilities of investing in less served deals that could create more value

DSTF’s niche approach: Unique origination strategy, focuses on the beginning of the midstream value chain, as it is the less attended segment of the process by traditional trade finance solutions

DSTS / Trading Companies

DSTS’s proactive logistic analytics over distributed ledgers are valued as a performance index, that provides a benchmark for efficient operations

DSTS’s performance index is a function of logistic and operational variables over its cost in relationship with the deal’s PnL

DSTS’s performance index provides mark-to-market analysis to the cost and benefits of logistics and operations

DSTS’s performance index values provides accountability and efficiency to physical trading procedures, and increase the deal bottom line


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Scientific approach to commodity trading
Smart allocation of commodity trading resources
Accountable and reliable commodity trading system